• Hometown :Orem, UT

  • Favorite Fly :Baby Whitey & Mousey McMouseFace

I have fished my whole life, but didn’t start fly fishing hardcore until about 13 years ago.  Soon after that, I knew I wanted to take it to the next level.  We started working on Blue Halo.  It consumes me so much that it has sort of been my identity.  I put my heart and soul into designing rods, and trying to create better gear than what is currently available at a price that is affordable for anyone in the sport.  For the past 4 years we have been producing award winning films for the IF4 film tour, which has naturally evolved into our media company InTents Media (formally knows as Western Waters Media).  We make fly fishing films and will soon have our own show on The World Fishing Network in 2018 called Dirt Bags.  Fly fishing is all consuming for my work life, but I have an amazing wife and 4 boys who are my life and love.  They support me to make it all happen.

"Mom always said, 'Remember who you are and what you stand for.' "