• Hometown :Ft. Myers, FL

  • Favorite Fly :The first one I get to teach to a new tyer

Drew Chicone is an author, award-winning outdoor writer & fly designer, photographer, lecturer, and materials expert, whose passion for teaching the art of fly tying has inspired numerous how-to articles, books and detailed instructional guides. He has lived and breathed the sport since he was tall enough to sit at the vise, and his fly creations are well known and in high demand among saltwater anglers and guides across the globe.

Drew has been a FFF Certified Casting Instructor, and commercial fly tier for more than a decade. He is a designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants and is patterns are sold in quality fly shops and have appeared in US and international publications.

Earlier this year, Drew partnered with Wild River Press books to publish 3 new titles; “Top Saltwater Flies – Bonefish”,  “Top Saltwater Flies – Tarpon” and “Top Saltwater Flies – Permit”, all three will be available for the 2017 holiday season.

Other Chicone titles include Feather Brain: Developing, Testing, Improving Saltwater Fly Patterns (2013), Baby Tarpon Flies (2017), Redfish Flies (2014), Snook Flies (2013), Essential Bonefish Flies: Andros (2013) and Essential Permit Patterns (2013).

He is the winner of the 2016 and 2017 International Fly Tackle Dealer Best in Show Saltwater Fly Pattern Award. In 2014 he won the I.F.T.D. Iron Fly.

In addition to his ongoing work as an educator, Drew ties premium saltwater flies for sale through his company Salty Fly Tying. He is the co-founder of Strip Strike University and frequently hosts destination schools and fishing adventures anywhere saltwater species swim. For more information about Drew, his latest works and hosted trips, visit www.saltyflytying.com. Chicone lives in Fort Myers, Florida with his wife Susan and their daughter Lucy.

"Fish with friends every chance you get, because every trip you miss is one you will never get back."