• Hometown :Cobleskill, NY

  • Favorite Fly :Anything deer hair

Marking the beginning of the journey for this hobby fly tyer turned magician behind the vise, is a Christmas several years ago when Pat’s dad gifted him a starter fly tying kit.  His time behind the vise has paid off in the form of multiple awards, featured publications, and high demand for his impressive flies.  He is a completely self-taught fly tyer, having learned through trial and error, and makes his living as a commercial fly tyer, specializing in Deer Hair Bass Bugs, while also tying everything from streamers to nymphs.  A frequent demonstrator at shows around the US and also a fly tying instructor at many shops, be sure to check out his website, for a list of upcoming appearances.

"I thought it was a man, but it was a muffin" - Frank Zappa