You know who likes to tie knots?  Nobody.  (And no, partial credit is not awarded if you answered “guides”.)  We can be fascinated with knots and we can be so familiar with the knots we use that we can rig up with our eyes closed, but the bottom line is that any time that is spent fiddling with knots is time spent not-fishing.  The Rigging Foams were developed because we know that changing flies fast means fishing more, and not-fishing less.

Conditions change quickly, and you should too.  We’ve all had times where, if we’re honest, we were just too lazy to change flies.  The beauty of the Rigging Foams, is that you’re one knot away from completely changing your setup.  Go from a tapered leader with a dry to a level line with multiple nymphs.  Switch out the heavy rig for the light one.  The nymphs for the eggs.  The soft hackle for the dry…

Rig at home, fish on the water.  Very few of us have a ton of time to tend to our fishing gear.  Even fewer of us, however, spend so much time on the water that we’d rather tie knots than fish.  Each Rigging Foam should only take a few minutes to rig.  That is a few minutes more that you’re fishing every time you use them!  Think about it this way: if you change set ups five or six times in a day, then the Rigging Foams can add almost a half an hour of pure, unadulterated fishing to your day on the water.

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