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New Year's Resolution: Become A Better Angler (and Human)

Any new chapter gives you an excuse to make a change for the better.  We spent some time thinking about some non-traditional means of doing both at the same time. Here are five tips towards becoming a better angler and a better person at the same time.
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Catch'n Cook with Chef Joshua Schwartz

Meet Chef Joshua Schwartz, the brains and talent behind Travel Creel, the world's first pop-up fishing lodge.  He was gracious enough to show us how he catches and cooks halibut (in the boat)!
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So You Want To Buy A Boat?

Thinking it's time to get a new boat?  Kayak, drift boat, bass boat, etc?  Here is some advice from those that are on the water every day.

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Tailgate Talks: Euro Nymphing

What is Euro Nymphing?  Here Matt gives a 35,000 foot view of what it is and what gear you'll need to get up and running.

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Tailgate Talks: Spring Bass

Bass are violent-feeding, hard-fighting, and widely distributed fish.  Watch Matt talk us through the very basics of spring bass fishing.

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Tailgate Talks: Tarpon Fishing 101

The gear and tactics that make a great trout angler might not cut it with Tarpon. Jesse Males talks you through how to prep for your first day of tarpon fishing.

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Tailgate Talks: Fishing With Kids

Getting outside with the littles is one of life’s great joys. It’s also not for the faint of heart. Matt does it as well as anyone we know, and here he gives 4 tips on how to have a great day with your kiddos.

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Tailgate Talks: Float & Fly

Here Matt talks through a system called Float & Fly. It's a simple and effective method of targeting bass or trout in a lake or reservoir, using gear that you are likely to already own.

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Tailgate Talks: Nymphing For Big Fish

Live from his tailgate near the Sacramento River, Matt talks through his favorite rig when nymphing for big fish.  This step-by-step shows how to make sure you don’t show up to a gunfight with a knife.

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