Organization. It’s huge. You’re not fishing if you’re fiddling, searching, or asking “now where did that go?”. We set out do design the Tipet Stack as a solution to other, clumsier tippet storage systems. To do this, we knew that the Tippet Stack had to accomplish a couple things. First, we wanted it to be able to attach to a variety of surfaces on clothing, gear, and water crafts. By including both a carabiner and heavy-duty velcro strap we were able to do both. In our experience, providing two methods of attachment gave anglers a ton of freedom on where they stored the tool, and gave them the ability to keep their tippet just about anywhere. Second, the Tippet Stack had to be durable enough to withstand a serious beating, but light enough to not be a nuisance. After a few different prototypes of different materials, we became certain that aluminum was the perfect balance between durability and lightweight.

Even if it isn’t attached to anything, the Tippet Stack presents a clean, sleek method of storing tippet.  The truck glove compartment, the bin under the seat in the drift boat, ammo cans in the raft, jacket pockets, boat bag, vest, waders… Regardless of where you put your Tippet Stack, it will do its’ part to keep your stuff organized.

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