Available in either camo or black, these non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish that both adds to longevity and keeps the weight from sliding on the line.

The natural colors and subtle mottled texture won't scare spooky fish the way that glossy weights will.  The double-cut design makes these weights easily adjustable and truly re-usable, as they don't require a special tool to open them and remove them from leader.

Both the Camo Drops and Black Drops come in 9 different sizes, as well as four different multi-packs.  The individual twist pots conveniently dispense single weights, and are easily refilled.

  • Non-gloss matte black  coating
  • Textured finish to prevent slipping
  • Double cut for easy re-use and adjustment
  • Easy-to-use twist dispenser
  • Available in 6, 4, 1, BB, AB, AAA, SA, SSG and 2SSG

Choose your desired size (weight) and attach to your leader by squeezing with forceps.  If you want to remove and/or move to a different location, squeeze the backside of the Drops with your forceps and move or put back into your container.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Improved catch rate!

This color is perfect. It disappears against the dark freestone in my home river. Pairs well with Deep Soft Weight too.

Keeps me organized

Love these new split shots. Keeps my boat bag organized with their easy to use split shot holder. Thanks guys!

Not impressed

Was very excited to see Loon was introducing a double cut lead-free shot. In fact, I was so excited I ordered directly from Loon as I couldn't find them in local shops. I am very unimpressed with the double cut design, the cut is so small (even on the larger shot sizes) that it's nearly impossible to open them with hemostats. I have a pair of the very fine tip Dr. Slick "Spring Creek" hemostats and even with them, I can't get them open. I will say that the shot is nice and soft and is nice quality but don't buy these with the hopes that they are easily removable. I think the softness is part of the problem though with the double cut design. The soft shot tends to deform when squeezed instead of opening.