All three of these floatants are gels, temperature stable and silicone based.

Aquel is our best selling floatant and a great all around floatant.

Lochsa is similar to Aquel but is specially formulated to also work on CDC flies.

Royal Gel is also similar is Aquel but has an added iridescence that mimics clear winged insects.

All three of our shake floatants have unique features that can be used independently or together.

Blue Ribbon is a fine powder floatant that is best suited for small and delicate flies.  It will bring soggy flies back to life, but the fine powder will also adhere to a fly keeping it floating higher, longer.  Blue Ribbon is an excellent choice for CDC flies or when trying to maintain a natural appearance.

Easy dry is a composed of moisture wicking beads that pull water out of a soggy fly, making it look like it just came out of a fly box.  This is an excellent choice for CDC flies or when trying to maintain a natural appearance.

Top Ride is our most versatile shake and a dual threat.  It combines the powder floatant properties of Blue Ribbon and the moisture wicking of Easy Dry.  For this reason, Top Ride is one of our best selling products. 


We currently offer three different UV lights that where designed for different needs of a tyer and angler.

The UV Nano Light is the smallest and lightest weight.  It is ideal for carrying in the field to cure UV Knot Sense or UV Wader Repair on a cloudy day.  Though it's strong enough to cure UV Clear Fly Finish at the tying bench, it is recommended that a more powerful light be used if tying flies is the main objective.  The UV Nano Light uses 1 AAA battery.

The UV Bench Light is a great choice for tyers looking for a solid fly tying light, but don't need all the bells and whistles.  It is powerful enough to cure UV resins quickly and efficiently.  The UV Bench Light uses 1 AA battery.

The UV Infiniti Light is the most powerful light we've ever made and cures our UV resins very quickly.  It also includes a rechargeable 18650 battery and standard USB charging cable.

All of our UV products cure at a range of 395-415 nm.

UV Clear Fly Finish Flow is the viscosity of water.  It quickly soaks into threads and coats materials without adding mass.

UV Clear Fly Finish Thin is the viscosity of warm maple syrup.  It's a great all around resin that builds slightly and is moderately absorbed by materials.

UV Clear Fly Finish Thick is the viscosity of of honey.  It's the ideal resin for building bodies and heads fast.