Allen Campbell

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI
Guide & Fly Tyer


Allen’s fly fishing journey began later in life and quickly morphed into a lifelong passion. He cut his teeth fly fishing the cold waters of Michigan where he grew up. After a brief break from fly fishing and fly tying during his time as a Paratrooper in the United States Army, Allen has been chasing fish all over the country with a fly rod. Allen's passion lies with freshwater species like Smallmouth Bass, Northern Pike, and trout, however Snook and Tarpon hold a special place in his heart.

When not on the water, Allen can be found tying flies where he can exercise his creativity and work with his hands. Allen has a passion for teaching and helping others find their love for fly fishing. Recently he has started his own guiding service, Campbell Outfitters, on his home waters in West Michigan where he can share his passion with others. Allen is a lifelong learner and is excited to continue his journey in fly tying and fly fishing."