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Jesse Rochester: Tying Flies in "The Valley"

Born in Fort Kent, Maine, Jesse is wrapping up his Ph.D. in biomedical science and engineering while creating instructional fly-tying videos on his channel, Mainley Flies. The focus of his channel is to introduce the hobby to new people.
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Fishing is Fishing with Kevin Price

Kevin Price finds solace and spirituality on the water, connecting with memories of loved ones he's lost and finding a deep sense of self, away from the bustling city and its constant activity.
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Brett Downs: Filmmaking and Fly Tying in the Rockies

Brett Downs is a 20 year old fly tyer and fly fisherman from Colorado. He has a huge love for the sport and the outdoors and has developed a love for photography and videography, helping him to capture memories on the water and at the tying bench.
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Navy Vet, Photographer, Fly Tyer: Meet Juraj Sabol

Juraj is a talented fly tyer, photographer, Navy Vet, and father who began tying beautiful flies after becoming introduced to the sport through a Project Healing Waters outing.
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Sustainable Harvesting with HarvestWild

Aaron Grabiel of HarvestWild helps his clients reconnect with the wild by sustainably providing food for themselves and their families through hunting, fishing, and foraging.
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Making Memories on the River with Dad

For the Fochetti's it's come full circle.  The student has become the master.  John was raised fishing, caught his first steelhead when he was 7 or 8 and is one of the premiere guides in Northern California, all thanks to his Dad.
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Tying Flies in the Pacific Northwest with Ben Hintz

Ben Hintz is a very talented fly tyer in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in tying beautiful winter steelhead spey pattens.
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Jesse Males: Inspiration From the Vise

Jesse Males is an avid fly fishing, snook snatching, kayak paddling, tarpon slaying, mountain hiking, manatee swimming fool from Central Florida who is currently living the high life in the jungles of Costa Rica.
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Rachel Andras on Life, Fishing, and Being a Mom

There is no easy road to raising kids in this day and age especially when it comes to raising them with an appreciation for the outdoors and a passion for fly fishing. Rachel Andras has...

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