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The Pull: The Fish That Haunts My Dreams

A steelhead-obsessed angler from Northern California traveled 5,000 miles to test his luck pursuing the original "fish-of-a-thousand-casts."  This is what he found.
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Different Fish, Different Places: The Deep South

We recently headed to Alabama with Adam Hudson of Blue Line Flies to explore the southern boundary of the smallmouth bass’ native range. In a region dominated by gear fishing, Adam fools these beautiful, hard fighting smallmouth bass while casting fly patterns on what locals call “long rods” (fly rods).
Stay tuned for more episodes of “Different Fish, Different Places”
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Catch'n Cook with Chef Joshua Schwartz

Meet Chef Joshua Schwartz, the brains and talent behind Travel Creel, the world's first pop-up fishing lodge.  He was gracious enough to show us how he catches and cooks halibut (in the boat)!
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What Guides Use: John Fochetti

John lives in Northern California and is fortunate enough to be able to guide year round for trout, steelhead and bass.  Learn more about John and the gear he uses.
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Different Fish, Different Places: Canals in the Desert

Welcome to carp fishing in Phoenix, AZ.  Join Kris Bare of the AZ Fly Shop and Derek Rivchin of Lo Water Guide Service as they experience fly fishing in a region where temperatures commonly soar to over 100° Fahrenheit.
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What Guides Use: Hilary Hutcheson

Hilary Hutcheson lives in Montana and guides on the Flathead River we well as being an environmental activist, fly shop owner and amazing person.  Learn more about Hilary and the gear she uses.

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Fish For Garbage: Creating Pollution Free Waterways

Fish For Garbage hosts river cleanups and education in order to create pollution free waterways and shape the next generation of watershed stewards.

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Voice Of The River: Henry's Fork Foundation

The Henry’s Fork, and its famed Harriman State Park, are known around the globe as a mecca for anglers aiming to test their fly-fishing prowess.  Learn more about The Henry's Fork Foundation and this great stretch of river.

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Tools Of The Trade: The Float 'n Fly With Ryan Williams

Ryan’s guiding looks different than just about every other fly guide in California for one major reason: he primarily targets bass.  According to Ryan, California has some of the best bass fishing in the nation.

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