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Accessory Fly Tying Tool Kit


Color: Yellow

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Customer Reviews

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Kevin O.
Best Accessories in one box

I’ve tried every tool for tying flies but nothing compares to Loon’s fly tying accessories. Simply the best and now they come in a convenient kit. Great stuff!

John C.
Rollin' on Dubbs

I bought this for dubbing activity and it delivers on that. I think the tweezers are especially innovative and gets out of the need for a lot of dubbing prep blocks, expensive clips from Europe, and other gadgets that seem a bit gratuitous. I was going to buy a few of these tools one-off but saw the kit and decided it was the best value. That is true.

Patrick G.
Tied my desk together

Before getting this kit, I used chip clips and popsicle sticks as clamps for making loops, Velcro to tease out dubbing, an old junky stacker that came with my starter kit years ago, and a cheapo, lightweight dubbing spinner. Don't get me wrong, all of that is functional and great, but as both a guide and tier for clientele through the shop, this upgrade has helped to both increase my production, quality and enjoy using the tools. The d-loop tweezer absolutely rocks and allows you to prep a big ole dubbing loop for streamers, but the tapered point also provides tiers with the ability to put more finesse into a fly, such as a cdc loop or squirrel straight from the hide. The dubbing loop tool in this kit is great as well, I would like to have a two prawn option, but the single hook provides great control when spinning the loop and turning it onto the hook is a breeze as you can allow the tool to rotate around your finger. Dubbing brush to clean it all up, and it's comfortable in hand! The stacker is certainly an upgrade for myself and having the window is great to see when the hair alligns, but I have had them slip out occasionally. The foam in the packaging had doubled as an extra tool caddy, now holding bobbins and a few scissors, along with these tools. And the plastic travel case itself can be easily modified into a fly box. This is a phenomenal value for some stellar, specialized tools that can help tiers save time, and advance their skill set.

Wayne L.
Accessory pack

I bought this kit is conjunction with the fly tying kit. The accessories are of the same high quality and nice coating as the kit. I'm new to tying but these seem to be of high quality, good solid feel and come with a very nice case for storage.
I will definitely recommend them them when I can.