Catch'n Cook with Chef Joshua Schwartz


Makes one serving of Joshua Schwartz:

Combine equal parts passion for both fishing and hospitality, mixing evenly.  Add a heaping dose of talent in the kitchen to a lifetime of experience of cooking in restaurants all over the world.  Season with a contagious laugh and a generous pinch of humility.  Serve promptly and as often as you can.

Many a fishing trip has been saved by good food. If the fishing is lousy but you were with good friends and ate well, then the trip gets recorded as a success. You can think of Joshua Schwartz and Travel Creel (the world’s first pop up fishing lodge) as a failsafe to a fishing adventure. Fishing is never a guarantee (remember the adage about why it is called ‘fishing’ rather than ‘catching’?) but he’s got the company and the food on lock. We’ve never had a bad day with Joshua Schwartz, but having him cook up a freshly caught halibut in the boat made this day legendary.

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Halibut Amatriciana with Fennel and Olive

Quantity Ingredients  Notes
2 lbs Halibut Filet The thicker top filets work best for this
1 loaf Bread I used Semolina (sourdough would work)
1 pt. Cherry Tomatoes halved
1 bulb Fennel diced
1/4 lb Bacon diced
1 each Onion diced
1T Garlic nuggets
1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Use your favorite
1 cup Tomato Puree Fresh or canned will work
1/4 cup Best Foods Mayo Homemade Mayo will work too
8 each Pitted Kalamata Olives Minced
2 each Anchovy Fillet Minced
1T Fennel Fronds Chopped fine
2T Curley Parsley Chopped fine
1 tsp Fennel Pollen
2 each Wild Fennel Flower Clusters Trim off flowers for garnish


Quantity  Equipment
1 each Heavy cast iron pan
1 each Knife and board
1 each Rubber spatula
1 each Metal spatula
1 each Serving spoon / demi tasse spoon
1 each Small mixing bowl



Cut Bread into thick slices.  Pour oil in Cast iron and toast bread over medium heat till golden brown.  Place toasted bread in serving dishes.  In remaining oil, sear halibut until golden brown on one side.  Do not cook all the way.  Remove halibut from pan and let rest on the toasted bread.  Add bacon to pan and cook until it starts to brown.  Add fennel and onions and cook until tender over low heat.  Add garlic and fennel pollen and raise heat.  Add tomatoes skin side down to blister.  Finish with tomato puree and simmer.  Add fish back into the pan to heat and finish cooking.  Remove halibut as it begins to flake.  Place on the toasted bread.  Add parsley and cook sugo till desired thickness.  Brothy or thick all tastes yummy it’s up to you.  In small bowl mix mayonnaise, chopped olives, minced anchovies, and minced fennel fronds.  Season to taste and place a dollop on the fish.  Finish dish with wild fennel flowers and a drizzle of olive oil if you like.



Halibut Ceviche

Quantity Ingredients  Notes
1 lb Halibut Use trim and thin filets
2 cups Rice Wine Vinegar Unseasoned
1 each Valencia Orange Juice
2 each Limes Juice
2 each Firm Plums Diced (substitute any stone fruit or applies)
1/4 cup Red Onion Diced
1/2 English Cucumber Peeled/Deseeded/Diced
1 each Jalapeno De-seeded/Minced
1/2 Red Pepper De-seeded/Diced
1/4 cup Lemon Oil Olive Oil will do for substitute
4T Cilantro Washed and chopped/small stems are ok
1/2 tsp Cumin Ground
To taste Salt Diamond Kosher
To taste Josh Spice


Quantity  Equipment
1 each Lime press
1 each Sharp knife
2 each Small mixing bowls
1 each Peeler
1 each Spoon



Dice Halibut trim, place in mixing bowl and pour Rice Vinegar over top. Mix well and cover. Let this sit for a minimum of 4 hours maximum of 24.

In separate mixing bowl combine diced vegetables and Plums. Add Citrus Juice, Oil, and seasonings.

Drain fish when you are ready to finish ceviche. Add fish to the dressed vegetables. Finish with Cilantro and adjust seasoning.
Enjoy with Saltines or Tortilla chips and your favorite Hot Sauce


Josh Spice

Quantity Ingredients  Notes
20 g. Cumin Whole
20 g. Coriander Whole
10 g. Fennel Seed Whole
10 g. Cayenne Ground
20 g. Black Pepper Whole
200 g. Paprika Ground Hungarian Sweet
80 g. Salt Diamond Kosher


Quantity  Equipment
1 each Heavy Bottom Saute Pan
1 each Spice Grinder
1 each Mesh Strainer
1 each Medium Mason Jar



Toast all WHOLE spices in pan till toasty and aromatic.  Grind until fine and strain through mesh strainer.  Push through as much as possible by rubbing with spoon.  Add Cayenne, Paprika and Salt (do not grind with these ingredients). Store in Mason Jar