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Introducing: Blane Chocklett

Blane grew up fishing the small mountain streams near his home in Blue Ridge, Virginia. Since then, he's been fishing, guiding, designing flies in the US and around the world.  Meet Blane.
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Different Fish, Different Places: California Surf

We recently explored San Francisco Bay Area with some legends of the Northern California surf fly fishing community.  These passionate anglers share the story of the rise and recent decline of non-native Striped Bass due to water exports, climate change, over-fishing, poor water management, and the agricultural industry.
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New Year's Resolution: Become A Better Angler (and Human)

Any new chapter gives you an excuse to make a change for the better.  We spent some time thinking about some non-traditional means of doing both at the same time. Here are five tips towards becoming a better angler and a better person at the same time.
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The Pull: The Fish That Haunts My Dreams

A steelhead-obsessed angler from Northern California traveled 5,000 miles to test his luck pursuing the original "fish-of-a-thousand-casts."  This is what he found.
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Catch'n Cook with Chef Joshua Schwartz

Meet Chef Joshua Schwartz, the brains and talent behind Travel Creel, the world's first pop-up fishing lodge.  He was gracious enough to show us how he catches and cooks halibut (in the boat)!
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Tools Of The Trade: The Float 'n Fly With Ryan Williams

Ryan’s guiding looks different than just about every other fly guide in California for one major reason: he primarily targets bass.  According to Ryan, California has some of the best bass fishing in the nation.

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Our Fly Fishing Playlists

Sharing fly patterns with our buddies is a lot like sharing new bands we listen to. In honor the similarity and our love for music here at Loon Outdoors we thought we would share a few of our favorites with you.

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Tools Of The Trade: The Salty Fly With Vaughn Podmore

Come hang out with Vaughn for a day as he guides in Southern California and around Catalina Island.

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Boat Ramp Beers & Campfire Cocktails

Campfire Cocktails and Boat Ramp Beers are a true reward for a day on the water, out on the trail, or just a treat to relax outdoors.  Here are some tips for a great post water wind down.

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