Is It The Weekend?

Is it the weekend yet!? It’s a recurring question that is too often considered, but for good reason. Let’s face it, we’re all working the 9-5 grind, but the pursuit of our passions is what keeps the dream of the weekend warrior alive and well. Such was the case when Monday morning hit and a moment of fly fishing epiphany hit me. I should probably go to Montana. A quick text to my buddy Nick and the stage was set for a weekend trip chasing trout in the watersheds of Western Montana.  

From Spokane, WA we hopped on 90 East with our sights set on the Big Sky State for a weekend of exploration on Drummond’s Flint Creek and a Sunday float through the canyons of Montana’s Blackfoot River. Our goal, to disconnect from the world and focus on one thing and one thing only, chasing trout.

Here’s to the pursuits of Monday morning epiphany.

Saturday morning meal prep. Evaluating our choices and contemplating the patterns that will most likely elicit strikes from angry brown trout.

Weekend_Journal_Flint_Creek_1Weekend_Journal_Flint_Creek_2 Weekend_Journal_Flint_Creek_3 Weekend_Journal_Flint_Creek_4

You know those days where you think every pocket of water should produce, yet it doesn’t, it was one of those days. The journey continued on as it always does, in pursuit of the perfect water. 



As we pressed on we stumbled upon a hole that, once again, we were certain held fish. To our surprise, we were finally right.

What we discovered was by no means the monster brown trout that we had envisioned. Rather we stumbled upon a pool stacked with beautiful browns whose ambitious appetite far exceeded their size. 

 Although we did not land the “unicorn” that we were after, we discovered a healthy population of brown trout that, in time, will reach their “unicorn” status.


With the rain pouring down, legs growing tired and a full day of angling in the books, we elected to call it a day.  Upon returning home, Nick busted out the vice and began preparation for day 2.



With fog settled in the valleys, sunlight peering over the ridge and fall colors exploding from the hillside, we were captivated.  This is Montana's Blackfoot River.

And then that eloquent shimmer of sunlight dissipated.  With it's departure came the rain, the hail, then snow.  I mean, this is Montana.

As the float progressed, we tested a combination of dry to double dropper nymphs in an effort to entice the locals. Finally, it clicked.  We landed a few native Westslope Cutthroat and enjoyed the beauty of the sun’s inevitable return to the valley.

After a good, long day on the water, we opted for a coffee break and grub...and maybe a few evening casts.

When the day is all said and done, it’s not so much about the number of fish you bring to the net or the monster that got away, it all comes back down to the experience. Why are you out here? What brought you to this beautiful place that you are so unwilling to leave. At the end of the day, it’s all about that Monday morning epiphany that challenged you to rise to the occasion. Here’s to Monday morning epiphanies and the endless pursuit of weekends on the water.