Today's Letters

Early fall in the State of Jefferson is spectacular.  The nights are cooler than they’ve been, the days are still plenty warm, the landscape is no longer parched and, most importantly, steelhead start moving into the rivers.  Depending on the year (and sometimes even the day), late September can either be the stuff of “Man, remember that legendary day on the Rogue when…?” or it can be the stuff of “Man, I wonder if we’re still a little too early? Maybe next week?“.  When our good friend Emily from Today's Letters said she wanted to come out to chase steelies this September, we knew that we couldn’t make any guarantees, but we could promise three things: awesome coffee, great beer, and a chance at catching a steelhead.  Apparently that was enough, because Emily and her friend Molly booked their tickets and the trip was on.  We made good on our promises and the gamble, as it turned out, was a good one.  The weather was perfect and the fish were in.