What Guides Use: Asher Koles


Location: Utah and SW Wyoming
Season: March - November
Species: Trout
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Asher Koles resides in the Salt Lake Area and guides in Utah and SW Wyoming. His season kicks off in March locally on the Provo and Weber as he starts to see the first few warmer days. As the season progresses, Asher starts to venture out to eastern Utah in search of spring caddis and mayflies, and summer big bugs like drakes and stoneflies. Once the Upper Green and some of it’s tributaries start to turn on, he ventures back and forth from Park City.

Things can warm up quickly and every year is different depending on the previous winter. Asher follows the bugs, water temps, and gauges throughout the season and it continues to inspire and surprise him how amazing these rivers are. Once things start to cool off, he starts to get the steelhead itch and his season starts to wind down. Some years the itch is just too much to scratch and he quits early :).



"Lochsa is the first treatment that nearly every one of my flies gets when they come out of the box."


"The Rogue Quickdraw Forceps and Nip and Sip lanyard combo is the best think to happen to “forceps and nippers” in a long time."


"Nymphing is a big part of our guiding. The Camo Drops are a great alternative to lead shot."


"All the new tying tools are well thought out. I love the whip finisher with the cutter on the other end."