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As a youngster, John honed his skills on steelhead in the Trinity River and the wild trout of Northern California and has continued the pursue them for the last twenty-plus years.  Today, you can find John guiding his local waters or helping California Trout with local conservation projects.  Follow John here.

  • Top Ride


    Description A dry fly angler's best friend.  Top Ride brings flies back from the dead and keeps them riding on top Known as “Shake and Bake” by wo...

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  • UV Infiniti Light


    Description Fly tying's first rechargeable UV light Powerful enough for professional tyers and rechargeable using a standard USB cable, this is th...

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  • Fly Dip


    Description A dip floatant with a conscience We have tried a lot of dip floatants and love what they do to flies. What we don't love is how they s...

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  • Iconic Kit


    Description Our two best-selling tools in one package The Rogue Quickdraw Forceps and the Nip n Sip XL were designed for the angler who demands a ...

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  • Deep Soft Weight


    Description Tungsten putty that is applied, adjusted and sinks quickly This charcoal-colored nontoxic, Tungsten-based product is biodegradable and...

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  • Razor Scissors


    Description Sharp, comfortable, sharp, precise, and sharp Appropriately named, this is a razor-sharp pair of scissors. One of the straight blades ...

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  • Tin Drops 6 Division


    Description Non-toxic, reusable tin weights Available in either camo or black, these non-toxic, tin weights are coated with a durable matte finish...

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