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Rogue Series

  • Rogue Zinger


    Description The perfect lightweight retractor If you're looking for something that will reliably hold nippers, hemostats, floatant, or any other s...

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  • Iconic Kit


    Description Our two best-selling tools in one package The Rogue Quickdraw Forceps and the Nip n Sip 2.0 were designed for the angler who demands a...

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  • Rogue Quickdraw Forceps


    Description The store anywhere go everywhere forceps The ultimate hemostat, thoughtfully designed from the tips to the jaws to the handle.  A cara...

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  • Rogue Mitten Scissors Clamps


    Description Designed for mittens, just as convenient for naked fingers Made of the highest quality surgical steel, they are precise enough to use ...

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  • Rogue Nippers


    Description A simple nipper Made with surgical quality steel and covered with comfy grip, these nippers are the perfect blend of comfort and perfo...

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  • Essentials Kit


    Description A tool kit with everything you need and nothing you don't Just the essentials, all in one kit. Features Rogue Forceps w/ comfy gri...

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  • Rogue Scissor Forceps


    Description Hemostats with cutting blades in the jaw Large, durable hemostats equipped with a cutting edge to maximize versatility. Handles includ...

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  • Nip N Sip 2.0


    Description Business in the front, party in the back Nipper and beer bottle opener combined in one perfect tool.  The Nip n Sip 2.0 now includes a...

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  • Rogue Quickdraw Mitten Clamps


    Description Mitten clamps and a carabiner fell in love, and this is the result The ultimate mitten clamp, thoughtfully designed from the tips to t...

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  • Rogue Nipper w/ Knot Tool


    Description A simple nipper with nail knot capabilities The all-in-one nippers. Stainless steel cutting jaws, knot tool, hook clearing needle, and...

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  • Rogue Forceps


    Description Hemostats for the purist Top quality forceps with comfy grip and a matte black coating for stealth and just enough yellow to make them...

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  • Rogue Debarb Pliers


    Description Heavy duty pliers that outpunch their weight when debarbing hooks A heavy duty tool with a ton of uses. The Comfy Grip and oversized f...

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