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Whether you see fly tying as a means to an end, an artform, a creative outlet, or just plain fun, we make tools that help you tie better flies and make your time at the bench more enjoyable. 

  • Ergo Precision Tip Scissors


    Description For when precision is the priority Designed with tight spots, one loose fiber and perfect ties in mind, these scissors shine when ther...

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  • Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit


    Description What you need plus what you want. The Core Fly Tying Tool Kit and the Accessory Fly Tying Tool Kit put together for anyone who wants t...

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  • Core Fly Tying Tool Kit


    Description The tool kit around which benches are built Packaged in a heavy-duty travel case and featuring the Ergo All Purpose Scissors, Ergo All...

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  • Ergo Arrow Point Scissors


    Description Scissors designed for tight spots, but capable of doing more These precision scissors now have a new ergonomic design and stainless st...

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  • Razor Scissors


    Description Sharp, comfortable, sharp, precise, and sharp Appropriately named, this is a razor-sharp pair of scissors. One of the straight blades ...

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  • Ergo Hair Scissors


    Description For big cuts when you want to, and precise cuts when you need to Heavy-duty scissors of the highest quality, designed for cutting thro...

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  • Ergo All Purpose Scissors


    Description Scissors for the tyer looking for a quiver-of-one It's not just a clever name: these scissors were designed for all purposes. They'll ...

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  • Ergo Prime Scissors


    Description A large, premium pair of scissors that is the kind of sharp you only see on infomercials at 2 am The broad blades offer a stouter feel...

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