For The Love Of Fly Fishing Moms

There are so many things worthy of celebrating in life, but among the most beautiful of them is motherhood.  Mums, mother-figures, and influential women in our lives are the living heartbeat and soul of our communities. Among busy to-do-lists and work expectations, moms remind their family that connection, play, and creativity are just as important as chores or homework.

Every mama chooses motherhood differently. This is a beautiful gift that allows us all to create the optimal environment that we feel is the absolute best for our kids. For adventurous moms, particularly those that fly fish, your family rhythm looks completely different than most others around you. We see life through a completely unique lens; we use outdoor experiences and healthy hobbies to help shape the character development in our kids.

This discussion is dedicated to the already-established angler looking to expand their appreciation for mothers in the fly-fishing industry, as well as for mothers looking to prepare to take their children fly-fishing. This was written to provide prospective insight + practical tips to help prepare mothers (or any caregiver) bring their kids fishing.

The Balance

Let’s face it: moms are superheroes. They do so much for us! And fly-fishing moms are an entirely different breed. They balance working, cleaning, cooking, and parenting in one hand, with their rod + fly box in the other. But moms need a break too.

Amidst balancing life duties, it can be so easy for mothers to forget to take care of their own needs. All women are different, so of course self-care looks different to everybody as well. In this case, fishing most likely serves as an active self-care for the mama. Consider sending mom off for solo or ladies group trips occasionally and remember to trade in and out with the kids while you are out on the water.

A lot of families enjoy tying flies together at home. This allows for great balance with indoors and outdoors appreciation of the fly-fishing and can be effective in getting kids more excited to get out on the water.


 The Preparation

One of the most important aspects of fly fishing is organization and preparation. For parents wanting to bring their kids along, your preparation will make-or-break your experience. This is especially true if you are planning for an overnighter. Consider printing out a pack-list and checking things off your list as you load them into your rig. I recommend letting your kids choose 1-2 items they would like to bring and to give them their own bag to store their belongings in.

Top Tips:

  1. Pack proper layers!
  2. Get your kids excited. Tell them what you are going to do ahead of time.
  3. Bring your best snacks. Sweet treats included.
  4. Choose an accessible fishing spot + target fish that your child has a shot at catching
  5. Bring games, art supplies, and other packable activities to help break up fishing time and to avoid burnout
  6. Make it fun! It is not all about the fishing. Music, smores,
  7. Do not pressure your kids to fish if they do not want to. Always offer, but do not push.

Kid-Specific Pack List:

  • Waterproof Boots
  • Wools Socks
  • Non-cotton pants
  • Non-cotton Long sleeve
  • Wool sweater or Puffy
  • Rain Jacket
  • Sun hat
  • (1) Complete set of extra clothing + shoes
  • Toiler Paper + Baggie
  • Sunscreen

Optional (recommended):

  • Waders
  • Wading boots
  • Blanket/Stuffed animal
  • Gloves/Hand-warmers
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Waterproof bag for organized belongings
  • Bug Collector


 Celebrate the Bigger Picture

When you go out fishing with your buddies, you have full opportunity to zone in for hours while not thinking about much else. When you take your kids out fishing, your priority shifts to creating a well-rounded experience for you and your kiddo.

Fishing is about so much more than catching fish. Think about the type of experience you hope for your child to have. They will always prefer having fun with their mom over landing fish, so keep this in mind. Always bring your kids’ favorite snacks and play their favorite game while along the river.

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