Journey On

In June of 2015, Aimee and I crammed all of our belongings into an ’85 VW Westfalia and said goodbye to our home in Massachusetts. We headed west to Montana and spent the next three months living on the road, documenting every step of the way for our feature film, “Journey On”. “Home is where you park it” became our creed, but one of our most memorable experiences came when we left our 80 square foot fortress behind, and hiked into a remote alpine lake in search of the elusive golden trout. Though Montana isn’t known for its golden trout fisheries, we’d heard of a lake with a robust population who’s genetic material rivals that of even their Sierra ancestry. We aren’t the most experienced hikers, and with 40 pounds of extra camera gear on our backs the trek nearly broke us. After an entire day of hiking what I swear was straight up, we finally reached the lake and set up camp. The fish didn’t disappoint, and after nearly two decades of dreaming, we finally had a shot at one of the worlds most beautiful Salmonids. The trout were nearly as excited to see our beetle imitations as we were to see them, and we spent the next day filming what will undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest angling experiences of our lives.