Loon Outdoors Presents: Tailgate Cocktails - Campfire Hot Honey Old Fashioned

It’s been a long day on the river, you’re back at camp, and it starting to get a bit chilly. Today we’re sharing one of our favorite camp cocktails for warming up, the Campfire Hot Honey Old Fashioned.


-Orange peel
-2oz Bourbon or Rye Whiskey (Golden Beaver Distillery Chico Rye Whiskey)
-2-3 Dashes of bitters (High Camp Flask Campfile Bitters)
-Hot Honey

1. Put the orange peel in a glass or tumbler and muddle.
2. Add whiskey, bitters, and hot honey.  Stir to combine ingredients until the hot honey is fully dissolved.
3. Add ice and continue to stir until chilled.
4. Enjoy over a campfire with friends!