What Guides Use: John Fochetti


Location: Northern California
Season: Year round
Species: Trout, Steelhead, Bass
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What is your favorite water?

My favorite piece of water to guide is whatever is fishing best on that given day, week or month. I love how many pieces of water that I work on it keeps things exciting.

However, if I had to chose one it would be the Fall River. Stunningly gorgeous views, slow pace, and at times super challenging fishing. The Fall River has everything from crazy difficult spinner fall dry fly fishing, nymphing, dry dropper to spooky fish on the flats, and of course the Hex Hatch.

What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

On my day off I’m fishing wherever the best fishing is…steelhead on the Klamath or Trinity in November to February, Bass on Shasta lake in February to April, Hat Creek or Upper Sac in the spring to catch some epic BWO hatches, Fall River Early summer, Pit Or Mccloud in summer for some wet wading. Then in the fall just point to a piece of water and it’s on fire.

What’s some advice that you're most likely to give?

The advice I’m most likely to give is just fish it out…even if it’s a short cast or a bad cast, you never know. If your flies are in the water they are fishing, you are better off letting it play out rather than ripping it right off the water.

What’s the one thing that would increase someone's chances of catching fish overnight?

The thing that would increase someone’s chances to catch more fish is being proficient with knots. If you are then you’ll be more willing to change flies, throw it into a sketchy lie, put more weight on and get it down. If you’re afraid of breaking flies off or hesitant to change them you’ll never succeed. Plus the quicker you can re-rig the more time you’ll spend fishing and less time frustrated.






"I literally use this every single day for trout fishing. Whether it’s a size 22 trico, a size 6 Hexagenia or my chubby for dry dropper …the stuff works and it works really, really, really well"






"On the rare occasion one of my flies starts sinking I just shake it up and I’m good to go."






"Use em everywhere, I have 8 rods rigged in my truck, extra rods in my boats, all ready to go. Keeps things tidy and untangled."





"First hemos I’ve had stay on my pack for more than a couple months, I have a pair that I’ve been using for over a year and haven’t lost em yet. They have small enough jaws to pinch a size 22 but are strong enough to clamp a size 6 hook."