Location: Southern Oregon & New Zealand
Season: Year round
Species: Trout & Steelhead
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At 5 years old, Paul started his fishing career in New Zealand. With his father, he would spend his days chasing anything with fins. Forty years later, his passion for fly fishing continues to thrive.

Paul now guides over 250 days a year in both Southern Oregon and in his native country of New Zealand.

For eight months a year, Paul specializes in Southern Oregon’s moody, technical waters like the Rogue and Williamson Rivers. The Williamson River is one of America’s largest freshwater bodies, measuring approximately 100 miles long. This nationally recognized treasure is home to the Great Basin Redband trout which move to the river from Upper Klamath Lake to spawn as temperatures rise each summer. The Williamson River is famous for its trophy-size trout and rewards anglers each season with photo-worthy fish and memories to last a lifetime.

When Paul’s season in Oregon is done, he returns to New Zealand to guide for the famous Poronui Lodge. Specializing in backcountry sight fishing for trophy browns and rainbow trout, Paul guides his long-time clients into helicopter access beats that produce some of the most beautiful fish and scenery that New Zealand has to offer.

On his days off, Paul is generally fishing, testing out new fly patterns and getting into the backcountry to see what's just around the next corner.

Paul truly loves the challenge of guiding, designing a day to meet an angler’s expectations, and showcasing the rivers and the wonderful fly-fishing opportunities available. If you ever have the chance to fish Oregon or New Zealand, make sure to contact Paul at



“I always have Aquel in my vest. Regardless of the temperature, it will not get gluggy in the cold and won’t turn watery in the extreme heat.”


“Also on hand and readily used are my Loon Outdoors Rogue Quickdraw Forceps. It’s a great multi-tool and between the unique jaw, eye clearing needle and scissors in the jaw, it’s all that I need.”


“Top Ride is brilliant for CDC dressed flies along with all my other top water flies.”

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Jeff Perin
Jeff Perin

September 11, 2018

Paul is the man. I’ve met him and he’s a fishy guy. I hope to fish with him someday soon. Agree with the Aquel, its a great product.


September 07, 2018

I am disappointed. I thought this was about, flies, rig etc. that he would use, not a weak add for Aqueo, not impressed.

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