Hogan’s Creature is a small, simple crayfish streamer that is great for Spring and early-Summer Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass as well as any other crayfish-eating fish species in your local waters!


Hook AHREX TP650 Bent Shank Streamer Hook
Thread Veevus 50 D GSP
Butt Dubbing Cohen's Carp Dub- Crazy Orange
Legs & Antenna Spinner bait Skirt (RubberLegs)
Claws Hareline Shimmer Rabbit Strips – Crawfish Orange with Silver
Body EP Minnow Brush- 1.5" UV Speckled Brown
Head Fly Men Fish Skull Helmet Brown Small with UV Fly Finish Thin
Hot Spots (under head) UV Colored Fly Finish – Hot Orange