If Stimulators are new to you, then welcome to fly fishing!  It is hard to overstate the significance and effectiveness of Randall Kaufmann's iconic pattern.  It floats beautifully, and can be tied in a ton of colors and sizes to represent different species (most notably stoneflies and caddis).  Anglers love this pattern because of its effectiveness and versatility.  It's a great searching pattern when you're unsure of what trout are targeting, and it floats well enough to hold up a nymph tied on as a dropper rig.



Hook Ahrex FW530
Thread Veevus 50D - White
Tail Deer or Elk Hair
Abdomen Top Flight Dubbing and Hackle - Furnace
Rib Uni Wire
Wing Deer or Elk Hair
Thorax Top Flight Dubbing and Saddle Hackle - Grizzly
Cement Loon UV Clear Fly Finish - Flow