Loon Outdoors x 1% For The Planet

ASHLAND, ORE (September 24, 2019) – Loon cares. It cares deeply about people, places, and its products, which is why it recently joined 1% For The Planet. By donating one percent of its gross sales each year, Loon shows how dedicated it is to build its brand around caring.

“1% for the Planet is recognized worldwide for its effective method of giving to nonprofits closely aligned with each of its partners and is a way for Loon to do more with our profits,” said Brett Zundel, Loon co-owner. “We’ve always been committed to doing business the right way, from how we make our products to how we treat our partners, and this membership is a tangible commitment to continuing that trend.”

Loon, from inception, takes pride in creating products that are safe for fish, fisheries, anglers, and the people manufacturing them. From Aquel to the new Fly Dip to its myriad of tying resins, Loon creates products that work on and off the water and cause no unnecessary harm at any stage. Loon uses natural ingredients and materials whenever possible like in its new Amadou Patch for helping dry soggy flies. These manufacturing efforts come together to create the best products made and sourced in the best way possible – a dedication to anglers and tyers who know they are getting the best with Loon.

From anglers and tyers, to dealers and manufacturers, all the way to nonprofit organizations and partners, Loon cares about people. Loon strives for every human interaction to be marked with integrity and respect. This includes all business interactions, customer interactions and supporting organizations that serve people Loon wouldn’t otherwise reach, such as Casting for a Cure, Mayfly Project, or Cast Hope. Loon endeavors to do right by everyone with whom they come in contact.

With fishing comes a passion for protecting the species as well as the spectacular places they live. Loon strives to ensure everything it does limits the impact it has downstream. From manufacturing its chemical products domestically to guarantee quality and cleanliness and limiting their carbon footprint to choosing raw materials for their quality as well as their low environmental impact, Loon considers impacts to the environment every step of the way.

“By joining 1% for the Planet, we join other businesses, individuals, and organizations who are working towards a common goal: protecting the future of our planet,” said Loon co-owner Alan Peterson. “Our dedication to running our business with integrity lives on and joining a highly recognized brand like 1% demonstrates our continued commitment to do right by all.”


About Loon Outdoors:

Loon Outdoors is the leader in innovative and environmentally friendly fly fishing and fly tying accessories. Founded in 1991, Loon’s growth into a globally recognized brand has been due to their success in developing products that perform at the highest level while honoring a commitment to protecting fish, fisheries, and fishermen/women. Loon Outdoors’ headquarters is located between the Rogue and Klamath rivers in Ashland, Oregon. For more information, visit: loonoutdoors.com, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.