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After guiding in Bend, OR, Landon transitioned to General Manager (where he still has the luxury of guiding from time to time) at Confluence Fly Shop. As an avid fly tyer, you'll often find him behind his vise tying up the next offerings to head out to various destinations both locally and around the globe.  Follow Landon here.
  • D-Loop Tweezer


    Description For building custom collars on intruders An oversized tweezer that does everything from picking up hooks and beads, retaining material...

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  • UV Knot Sense


    Description A UV-curing coating for knots With UV Knot Sense you can smooth and strengthen your newly tied knots immediately. After application, i...

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  • Hook Hone


    Description For sharpening hooks (in the event you don't want to miss fish) Fact: you're more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife. Another Fa...

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  • Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner


    Description One dubbing spinner to rule them all The ultimate dubbing spinner. Developed in partnership with the geniuses at Fly Fish Food, the Ga...

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  • Nocturnal Headlamp


    Description A rechargeable and versatile alternative to sunshine If we knew how many burned foreheads our ancestors endured, strapping flaming tor...

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  • Nip N Sip XL


    Description Business in the front, party in the back Extra-large and comfy-gripped, the newest version of the Nip & Sip is a significant step ...

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