What Guides Use: Landon Mace


Location: Bend, OR
Season: Year round
Species: Various trout and steelhead
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The Deschutes River definitely gets the most of my time. It is world renowned and is an amazing fishery from top to bottom. My favorite trout fishing these days involves a two-handed rod and watching the swing of a fly. Fortunately for me, the Deschutes has ample water to accomplish that endeavor for both trout and steelhead.

I was down in Mexico fishing Ascension Bay with a buddy and we were having a blast chasing fish around the local waters. I happened to have a certain baitfish pattern that I had tied a handful of for our trip, that proved to be a fish favorite during our stay. Only issue I ran into, was between all the love from the barracuda, tarpon, and jacks, these battle-weary flies met an unfortunate demise and eventually became completely unserviceable. We had other baitfish flies that were getting the job done, but this specific one was more than doing its part in helping entice the fish.

On the day before our last, I reached in my box to see that there was one last standing baitfish. This pattern took on a few fish and as we neared the end of the day, I noticed that one of the eyes was starting to fall off. Knowing that I couldn’t let that happen, I remembered that I had something special, that would help get the job done... UV Knot Sense. I love the versatility of that stuff and I don’t leave home to go fish without it. I was able to simply adhere the eye back on to the fly and let the sun do the rest. A few seconds later and I am back in the game. This quick fix led to more tarpon, jacks, and my first bonefish on a baitfish pattern. Needless to say, UV Knot Sense does a great job at saving my bacon!









"Extremely convenient on & off your waders, pack, lanyard, etc. Does absolutely everything I need it to."





"UV Knot Sense to me is simply insurance in a tube. It’s a great way to give yourself peace of mind when your tying knots. I am serious when I say that you should use it on everything. Leaders/tippet/sink tips/poly leaders/basically anything with a knot!"





"Bright, comfortable, and rechargeable. Need I say more?!"





"This piece alone has saved my hands a lot of pain and blood loss, since I first got a hold of one. Like an obsessed bird, I tend to over preen my flies and constantly find my fingers on the sharp end of a hook. The Vise Pawn finally put an end to that."





"These scissors literally do it all. I use them for everything from trimming body material, pulling hair off of hides, cutting mono, pulling trapped fibers, and the list goes on. If I could have one set of scissors on my desk, these would be it."