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Gifts For Fly Tyers

  • UV Colored Fly Finish


    Description The fastest and easiest way to add color to a fly UV Fly Finish is the colored UV resin companion to UV Clear Fly Finish and does exac...

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  • UV Clear Fly Finish


    Description UV-curing resins with multiple functions, all while curing in seconds UV resins allow for infinite work time but cure within seconds w...

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  • Hard Head


    Description A thick head cement for adding a glossy head to flies Never mix epoxy again! Hard Head is an odorless, non-toxic, thick head cement pe...

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  • Ergo Bobbin


    Description The perfect balance of heavy-duty and comfort An ergonomic and high-performing update to the indispensable tying tool. The powder-coat...

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  • UV Infiniti Light


    Description Fly tying's first rechargeable UV light Powerful enough for professional tyers and rechargeable using a standard USB cable, this is th...

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  • UV Fly Tying Kit


    Description A versatile collection of three thicknesses of UV resin plus a powerful curing lamp With everything a tyer needs to make the move from...

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  • Bench Rings


    Description To keep tying benches clean and tidy Materials look so great hanging on the wall in a shop, but most fly tying benches look like a bom...

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  • Vise Pawn


    Description For keeping materials out of the way until you need them The Vise Pawn is a friend to any tyer that is tired of fighting that piece of...

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  • Zippy Hair Stacker


    Description For helping hair to fall in line Using a hair stacker is the only way to make sure hair wings and tails look just right. The Zippy Hai...

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  • Ergo Whip Finisher


    Description The most efficient way to finish flies The classic whip finisher with a powder-coated ergonomic body. The base of the tool has been sh...

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  • UV Bench Light


    Description The best-selling do-it-all UV light This powerful UV light is perfect for curing Loon’s UV resins. A push-button on/off and a powerful...

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  • Ergo Prime Scissors


    Description A large, premium pair of scissors that is the kind of sharp you only see on infomercials at 2 am The broad blades offer a stouter feel...

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  • Digital Gift Card


    Gift cards are the perfect way to let someone choose what they want.  Order your gift card in any amount and we'll email it to you so you can print...

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